How to Improve Business with Formula’s Enclosed Cargo Trailers

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5 Ways To Boost Your Business With Us

Sometimes it’s as easy as getting an enclosed cargo trailer. Cargo trailers multiply your options for the types of business

and services you can offer. Plus, with an enclosed cargo trailer like the Formula Conquest or Triumph, you can work inside or out,

as well as haul and store yourtools, machines, and more—no matter the weather.

Here are five ways adding a cargo trailer can improve your business:

1. You can haul more cargo. Let’s face it—a pick-up truck or van can only take you so far. With a cargo trailer in tow, you can more than double your hauling space, depending on the trailer dimensions. That means you can haul more—and more diverse cargo, which opens up more business opportunities.

2. A cargo trailer is a marketing tool. Basically, your cargo trailer is a rolling billboard. Add signage, and whether it’s on the road or parked, your trailer is promoting your business. Vinyl decals can display your business name, phone number and website, at minimum. Add a logo or pictorial wrap and you can project your business image to the motoring world.

3. An enclosed trailer can double as additional office space. Not enough room in your house or apartment for an office? No problem! A cargo trailer can be outfitted with anything from a drop-down table to a full desk where you can work up business plans on your laptop or tablet. In fact, many mobile businesses are run right out of a trailer.

4. A trailer provides storage space. Keep your tools, inventory, extra parts, machinery, etc. in your cargo trailer. Unlike a storage facility, you can keep a trailer on your property as well as hitch it to your tow vehicle to take to your worksite. An enclosed trailer also comes in handy as temporary storage when you’re between jobs or your regular worksite is unavailable for any reason.

5. You can add delivery service. If your business keeps you on the road going to big box stores and supply houses, you can augment your main business by offering delivery services, even to people who aren’t your regular customers. You’re going back and forth anyway, right? Might as well make the most of your payload and amortize your transportation costs.

Business improvement is just a start. After all, only the best enclosed trailers offer versatility to provide haulers with more opportunities to maximize time and increase efficiency, no matter the demand.

The versatile Triumph cargo trailer takes on all cargo types, with trailer sizes ranging from 5’ x 8’ to 8.5’ x 26’, plus a variety of heights to meet your cargo hauling needs. This enclosed cargo trailer offers safety and strength with a rich lineup of standards and a choice of nine colors—but it won’t break your budget.

The lightweight, heavy-duty Conquest delivers a packed standards and options list, so you can take on all job types, traverse tricky worksites, and keep your assets secure with durable tube main frame construction. Plus, with payload capacities ranging from 1,590- to 5,450-lbs., this is a jack of all trades.

Contact your local Formula Trailers dealer to see how the Conquest and Triumph can boost your business in a hurry.