Landscaping Tips & Trends from Formula Trailers

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Landscaping Trends


Formula Trailers—a manufacturer of open utility landscape trailers—has pulled together a list of landscaping tips and trends that will help increase your business, beyond clean-ups, before the dormant winter season.

Easy-care plantings
Cooler weather is perfect for transplanting trees and shrubs, laying the groundwork for healthy plantings come spring. Landscape trend experts say in the short term, clients are looking for classic fall plants, but with a twist: hardier varieties of chrysanthemums, boxwood, maples, and other perennials that require less work and water. This goes along with the overarching trend of homeowners preferring low-maintenance landscaping that looks good and continues to grow without a lot of attention.

Extending the outdoor season
Maybe it’s the camping trend, maybe it’s all the gourmet s’mores recipes on Pinterest, or maybe people just want to keep the party going into the fall, but fire pits, fireplaces, and—more recently—fire tables have become increasingly popular. While some clients prefer the intimacy of a small pit or fire table, outdoor fireplaces—or several fire stations or rooms arranged on the patio—are ideal for those who entertain a crowd. The extended patio area coincides with the trend toward more hardscaping.

Spotlight on illumination
With autumn’s earlier sunsets, and homeowners wanting to extend their outdoor time, lighting is important for safety and ambience. Falling in line with the latest trends in landscaping, clients are looking for LED and solar lighting to delineate pathways, decks, gathering spots, and more.

Going boulder
Landscape experts say one of the biggest fall landscaping trends is the use of rocks and boulders as an alternative to planting near deep-rooted trees. Rock displays often pair one or two larger rocks with smaller, natural shaped rocks placed around them. Just be sure to leave enough space to rake out fallen leaves as autumn progresses.

With so many fall landscaping trends involving heavy materials, it’s important that your landscaping trailer can haul them, as well as the machinery and tools needed to install hardscaping, rocks, trees, and fire spaces. Formula Trailers’ Ghost tandem-axle utility trailers are designed for double duty, including curb weights up to 1,380 lbs. and bed sizes up to 7’ x 16’.

Your local Formula Trailers dealer can help you select the landscape trailer model that will allow you to take advantage of all the latest landscaping trends.