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Unveiling the Shockwave Contract Enclosed Cargo Trailer: Your Ultimate Cargo Solution

Searching for a reliable, versatile, and customizable enclosed cargo trailer to meet your diverse hauling needs? Look no further than the Shockwave Contract Enclosed Cargo Trailer. Boasting a range of optional features and exceptional built-in qualities, this trailer is designed to exceed expectations. Let’s explore the outstanding features that make the Shockwave Contract the ultimate cargo solution for every hauling requirement.

  1. Customizable Towing Essentials: The Shockwave Contract offers an array of optional features, including an 8K drop leg jack, a 2-5/16″ adjustable ball coupler, and a triple tube tongue, ensuring that you can tailor the towing essentials to fit your specific requirements. These options provide enhanced stability and versatility for seamless towing no matter the load or terrain.
  2. Premium Construction and Protection: Featuring an ATP nose cap and .030 screwless aluminum exterior, the Shockwave Contract is built to last, providing reliable protection against the elements and maintaining a sleek, professional appearance throughout its lifespan. Optional aluminum access ladder and ladder racks offer convenience and additional storage solutions for a variety of cargo.
  3. Dependable Performance and Handling: Equipped with aluminum wheels and torsion axles, this trailer ensures exceptional performance and handling, whether you’re hauling equipment, tools, merchandise, or personal belongings. The robust construction and high-quality components guarantee a smooth and secure transport experience.
  4. Convenient Accessibility and Security: The Shockwave Contract is designed with convenient access in mind, featuring a 36″ flush lock side door that allows for easy entry and exit. The ramp door with flap provides effortless loading and unloading while securing your cargo during transport. Enhanced safety is provided by the LED tail lights and ID light, ensuring visibility and compliance on the road.
  5. Interior Functionality and Optional Upgrades: Inside, the trailer offers an interior step for easy maneuverability, while optional fully finished walls and ceiling and 3/4″ high-performance wood floor with optional 12″ O/C crossmembers cater to varied cargo requirements. LED dome lights provide ample illumination for effortless loading and unloading, while optional roof vent contributes to optimal air circulation.
  6. Tailored Features and Enhanced Ventilation: Tailor the Shockwave Contract to your exact specifications with optional white aluminum coves, 2-way Salem aluminum vents, and ATP corners, allowing for personalized touches and additional functionality as needed. These features ensure that your cargo remains secure, ventilated, and well-maintained during transportation.

With its customizable options, robust construction, and versatile features, the Shockwave Contract Enclosed Cargo Trailer stands as the epitome of reliability and adaptability. Whether for everyday use, commercial purposes, or specialized transportation needs, this trailer offers a secure, efficient, and tailored solution for any cargo. Elevate your hauling experience and take control of your cargo needs with the dependable and versatile Shockwave Contract.