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Are you an adventurous snowmobile enthusiast in search of the perfect trailer to transport your prized vehicle? Look no further than the Sub-Zero DLX Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer. With its superior features and durable design, this trailer is built to withstand the toughest winter conditions and ensure your snowmobiling adventures are hassle-free. Let’s dive into the exceptional qualities that make the Sub-Zero DLX the ultimate choice for snowmobile enthusiasts.

  • Triple Tube Tongue with Max Tongue Extension: The Sub-Zero DLX boasts a robust triple tube tongue with maximum tongue extension, providing exceptional strength and stability. This feature allows for easy maneuvering, ensuring a smooth towing experience even on challenging terrains.
  • Adjustable Ball Coupler and 5K Drop Leg Jack: Effortlessly connect and disconnect to your towing vehicle with the adjustable ball coupler. The 5K drop leg jack simplifies the process further, providing convenience and security when hitching your trailer.
  • Sturdy Construction and Aerodynamic Design: The Sub-Zero DLX features a flat top 60″ Aero Wedge with a radius nose and an ATP nose cap. This aerodynamic design not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to improved towing stability. You can trust that your cargo will remain protected from the elements during transit while reducing wind drag for increased performance.
  • Reliable Axles and Wheels: Tandem drop spring brake axles ensure optimal load distribution and enhance braking capabilities. Complemented by aluminum wheels and radial tires, the Sub-Zero DLX delivers exceptional durability, traction, and peace of mind on the road.
  • Striking Two-Tone Aluminum Exterior: Make a bold statement on the snowmobile trails with the .030 screwless two-tone aluminum exterior. The contrasting colors add a touch of style while standing up to the rigors of the winter season. The matte black divider strip and black top and bottom trim provide the perfect finishing touches to the trailer’s sleek appearance.
  • Enhanced Convenience and Accessibility: Designed with convenience in mind, this trailer features an aluminum-framed side door with a flush lock for easy entry and access. Sidewall vents maintain optimal air circulation inside the trailer, while LED loading lights and LED tail lights ensure visibility and safety during loading and unloading.
  • Versatile Spaces and Storage Solutions: The Sub-Zero DLX is built to cater to snowmobiling enthusiasts’ needs. With a ramp door and flap, you can easily load and unload your snowmobile with minimal effort. The interior houses 2.5K recessed D-rings to secure your cargo, and a 24″ tall 3/4″ high-performance kickplate offers added durability and protection.
  • Superior Lighting and Interior Features: Experience superior interior illumination with deluxe LED lights that provide ample brightness while conserving power. The 9mm white vinyl walls and ceiling with vinyl H-molding offer a clean and attractive interior, while white aluminum coves add a touch of elegance.
  • Optional Accessories and Tailored Features: To further personalize your Sub-Zero DLX, consider the optional white helmet cabinet with black trim and a coat rack, providing additional storage and organization for all your snowmobiling gear. Fuel doors allow for easy refueling, and the UTV escape door enhances accessibility even further.

Embark on your snowmobiling adventures with confidence and style with the Sub-Zero DLX Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer. Boasting a range of superior features such as its durable construction, versatile storage options, and attention to detail, this trailer ensures the safety and security of your snowmobile while reflecting your passion for the sport. Invest in the Sub-Zero DLX and elevate your snowmobiling experience to new heights this season.

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