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Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer: A Trailer Designed for Contractors produced by Impact Trailers 

Maximizing Efficiency: Unveiling the Versatility of Contractor Trailers

In the world of contracting and utility work, efficiency is paramount. Every minute counts, and having the right equipment can make all the difference. Enter the Freelancer DLX Contractor Enclosed Cargo Trailer, a game-changer in the realm of contractor trailers. With a plethora of features designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity, this trailer is a must-have for any serious contractor. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key features of the Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer, highlighting its benefits and how it can revolutionize your workflow.

Unmatched Durability and Convenience

7K Drop Leg Jack

Starting with the foundation, the 7K Drop Leg Jack ensures stability and ease of maneuverability. Whether you’re loading or unloading materials, this heavy-duty jack provides reliable support, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the trailer’s stability.

Triple Tube Tongue

The Triple Tube Tongue adds another layer of durability to the trailer, enhancing its structural integrity. This robust construction not only increases the trailer’s lifespan but also ensures smooth towing, even when navigating challenging terrain or road conditions.

High-Performance Wood & ATP Covered Tongue

The high-performance wood and ATP covered tongue offer a resilient surface that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Whether you’re hauling equipment or transporting supplies, you can trust that the trailer’s tongue will remain in optimal condition, ready to tackle any job.

.030 Screwless Aluminum Exterior

Featuring a .030 screwless aluminum exterior, the Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer boasts both durability and aesthetic appeal. The sleek design not only enhances the trailer’s visual appeal but also provides superior protection against the elements, ensuring that your equipment stays safe and secure during transport.

Enhanced Accessibility and Safety

Aluminum Access Ladder

With an aluminum access ladder, reaching the top of the trailer has never been easier. Whether you need to secure cargo or perform maintenance tasks, this convenient feature allows for hassle-free access, saving you time and effort on the job site.

HD Ladder Racks

The HD ladder racks provide a secure storage solution for ladders and other long items, keeping them organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces and wasted time searching for misplaced equipment – with the Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer, everything has its place.

36″ Side Door With Flush Lock and Bar Lock

The 36″ side door with flush lock and bar lock ensures quick and secure access to the trailer’s interior. Whether you’re loading/unloading materials or accessing tools, this convenient entry point makes it easy to get in and out of the trailer with minimal hassle.

Interior Step

The interior step facilitates safe entry and exit from the trailer, reducing the risk of slips and falls. This simple yet effective feature enhances overall safety on the job site, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about potential accidents.

LED Loading Lights

Equipped with LED loading lights, the Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer illuminates the interior, making it easier to load and unload cargo in low-light conditions. This added visibility enhances efficiency and minimizes the risk of accidents, ensuring smooth operations day or night.

LED Tail Lights and ID Light

Featuring LED tail lights and an ID light, the trailer offers enhanced visibility on the road, increasing safety for both you and other motorists. With these bright and reliable lights, you can tow with confidence, knowing that your trailer is clearly visible in all driving conditions.

Rear Step Bumper

The rear step bumper provides a convenient platform for accessing the trailer’s rear area, making it easier to load and unload bulky items. Whether you’re hauling equipment or materials, this practical feature simplifies the process, saving you time and effort on the job site.

Rear Drop Down Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads

The rear drop-down stabilizer jacks with sand pads ensure a stable foundation when the trailer is stationary. Whether you’re parked on uneven terrain or conducting work inside the trailer, these jacks provide reliable support, minimizing movement and enhancing safety.

Superior Performance and Versatility

3/4″ High-Performance Wood Flooring

The 3/4″ high-performance wood flooring offers exceptional durability and strength, capable of withstanding heavy loads and frequent use. Whether you’re transporting equipment or materials, you can trust that the trailer’s flooring will hold up under pressure, ensuring smooth operations day after day.

Aluminum Wheels with Radial Tires

Equipped with aluminum wheels and radial tires, the Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer delivers a smooth and reliable towing experience. These high-quality components offer superior performance and durability, ensuring optimal traction and stability on the road.

Aluminum Toolboxes with Pass-Through Access

The aluminum toolboxes with pass-through access provide secure storage for tools and equipment, keeping them organized and easily accessible. With ample storage space and convenient access points, you can keep your tools close at hand and maximize efficiency on the job site.

Ladder Rack Rear Roller

The ladder rack rear roller simplifies the loading and unloading of ladders, reducing strain and minimizing the risk of accidents. This innovative feature enhances productivity and safety, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about cumbersome loading procedures.

5K D-Rings

Featuring 5K D-rings, the trailer offers versatile tie-down options for securing cargo of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re hauling equipment or materials, you can trust that your load will remain stable and secure during transport, providing peace of mind on the road.

Salem Vents

The Salem vents promote airflow within the trailer, helping to regulate temperature and reduce moisture buildup. This ensures a comfortable working environment and helps protect your equipment from damage caused by humidity and condensation.

Elevate Your Contracting Experience

In conclusion, the Freelancer DLX Contractor Enclosed Cargo Trailer is a versatile and reliable solution for contractors and utility workers alike. With its robust construction, innovative features, and unmatched durability, this trailer is designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity on the job site. From its durable exterior to its convenient interior layout, every aspect of the trailer is engineered to meet the demands of today’s contractors. So why settle for anything less? Upgrade to the Freelancer DLX Contractor Trailer and experience the difference for yourself.


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