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Shockwave Race Hauler Trailer: The Ultimate Race Hauling Trailer in the Market

Maximizing Efficiency with the Future of Race Hauler Trailers

In the world of racing, efficiency is paramount. Every minute counts, and having the right equipment can make all the difference. Enter the Shockwave Race Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailer, a game-changer in the realm of racing trailers. With a plethora of features designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity, this trailer is a must-have for any serious car hauler. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key features of the Shockwave Race Hauler, highlighting its benefits and how it can revolutionize your workflow.

Title: Discover the Features of the Shockwave Race Hauler: An Ideal Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer

1. Adjustable A-Frame Ball Coupler:

The Shockwave Race Hauler comes equipped with an adjustable A-frame ball coupler, allowing for a secure connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle. This feature ensures smooth handling and increased stability during transportation.

2. 2K Set Back Jack:

With a 2K set back jack, the Shockwave Race Hauler offers easy maneuverability and efficient hitching and unhitching. This reliable feature enables users to quickly adjust the trailer’s position when necessary.

3. 6″ Triple Tube Frame:

Built on a sturdy 6″ triple tube frame, this cargo trailer guarantees outstanding durability and enhanced structural integrity. The robust construction provides a solid foundation for carrying various loads, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

4. Interior Recessed Step:

Thanks to the interior recessed step, accessing the cargo area becomes a breeze. This thoughtful feature allows users to enter the trailer easily and safely, making loading and unloading hassle-free.

5. 48″ Side Entry Door:

The Shockwave Race Hauler offers a convenient 48″ side entry door, granting access to your cargo from the side. This design makes it convenient to load and unload specific items without the need to enter the trailer through the rear.

6. .030 Aluminum Screwless Exterior:

Featuring a sleek and modern design, the Shockwave Race Hauler boasts a .030 aluminum screwless exterior. This not only adds to the trailer’s aesthetics but also enhances its resistance to corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

7. 2.7″ Top and Bottom Trim:

The trailer’s 2.7″ top and bottom trim provide an extra layer of protection to the exterior walls. This trim contributes to the trailer’s overall durability and aesthetic appeal, creating a polished and professional appearance.

8. Spread Axle Configuration w/ Aluminum Wheels:

Equipped with a spread axle configuration and stylish aluminum wheels, the Shockwave Race Hauler offers improved weight distribution and enhanced stability on the road. This setup provides smoother towing and reduces the chance of swaying during transport.

9. Sidewall Vents:

Designed to promote proper air circulation, the sidewall vents ensure efficient ventilation within the trailer. This ventilation system helps maintain an optimal interior environment, preventing the buildup of heat or moisture.

10. 9″ Rear Flare:

The 9″ rear flare on the Shockwave Race Hauler enhances visibility and safety during travel. This feature makes the trailer more noticeable to other motorists, reducing the risk of accidents.

11. LED Loading Lights:

Loaded with LED loading lights, this enclosed cargo trailer illuminates the cargo area and surrounding environment, simplifying loading and unloading tasks even in low-light conditions.

12. LED Slimline Taillights and ID Light:

Equipped with LED slimline taillights and an ID light, the Shockwave Race Hauler ensures superior visibility on the road. This feature enhances safety by making the trailer easily visible to other drivers, day or night.

13. 48″ Beavertail:

The 48″ beavertail design simplifies the loading process by providing a gradual incline for smooth ramp entry. This feature ensures that any vehicles or equipment can be loaded onto the trailer effortlessly.

14. Ramp w/ 16″ Wood Flap:

The Shockwave Race Hauler comes with a ramp and a 16″ wood flap, providing a convenient and durable solution for loading and unloading. This feature enables users to seamlessly transport heavy or wheeled items.

15. Black Coin Flooring:

Featuring black coin flooring, this enclosed trailer provides a reliable and slip-resistant surface. The sturdy flooring adds an extra layer of protection to the trailer and ensures safe and secure transportation.

16. 5K D-Rings:

With 5K D-rings strategically placed inside the cargo area, the Shockwave Race Hauler offers versatile tie-down capabilities. These heavy-duty D-rings allow users to secure their cargo effectively during transport.

17. White Aluminum Coves:

Enhancing its visual appeal, the Shockwave Race Hauler boasts white aluminum coves. This stylish addition adds a touch of elegance to the trailer’s exterior, making it stand out from the crowd.

18. Finished Vinyl Walls and Ceiling:

The finished vinyl walls and ceiling within the cargo area give the Shockwave Race Hauler a professional and polished interior. This aesthetically pleasing feature not only looks great but also offers improved durability and cleanliness.

19. Deluxe LED Interior Lights:

The inclusion of deluxe LED interior lights ensures optimal illumination inside the trailer. Designed for longevity and energy efficiency, these lights make it easier to work within the cargo area even during nighttime operations.

20. Car Hauler Escape Door:

A valuable feature for car enthusiasts, the Shockwave Race Hauler provides a car hauler escape door. This door allows users to exit the trailer without having to unload the entire cargo, making it highly practical and convenient.

21. Patented Sliding WheelBox:

The patented sliding wheel box offers a unique solution for maneuvering vehicles within the trailer. This sliding mechanism enables users to adjust the positioning of the wheelbox, allowing for efficient storage and transportation of various vehicles.


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