8.5' Aluminum Cargo


The Shockwave Aluminum V-Nose Cargo stands as a pinnacle in the realm of car hauler trailers, boasting a fusion of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. With a host of standard features designed to elevate the hauling experience, it embodies reliability and performance.

At the core of its design lies a robust construction, featuring high-performance wood walls supported by 16" on-center crossmembers and tube sidewalls. This sturdy framework is complemented by a seamless aluminum roof, ensuring resilience against the elements.

The trailer's 30" sloped V-nose not only enhances aerodynamics but also provides additional space within the interior. Speaking of which, the 78" interior height accommodates various vehicles comfortably, while the 3/4" high-performance wood flooring offers dependable support.

In terms of accessibility, the rear ramp door, equipped with spring assist, facilitates effortless loading and unloading operations, with a remarkable capacity of 4000 pounds. Meanwhile, a 36" wide entry door ensures easy entry and exit for users.

Safety is paramount, with features such as safety chains, breakaway battery with switch, and slimline LED tail lights with integrated backup light providing peace of mind during transit. Additionally, the 2-5/16" A-frame ball coupler and 7-way electric plug ensure compatibility and reliable connectivity.

Aesthetic finesse is not overlooked, with options for exterior colors including black, white, pewter, silver, and charcoal. The screwless exterior, along with ATP nose cap, ATP fender flares, and 24" tall sloped ATP stone guard, not only enhance visual appeal but also contribute to the trailer's overall durability.

Further enhancing functionality are the 5K D-rings for securing cargo, LED dome lights with switch for interior illumination, and cast aluminum door holdbacks for secure closure.

Whether transporting classic cars, race cars, or everyday vehicles, the Shockwave Aluminum V-Nose Car Hauler stands ready to deliver unmatched performance, durability, and style for hauling enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Standard Features

  • 16" On-Center Roof Bows
  • Lauan Ceiling Liner Strip
  • 2.7" Top Trim
  • Safety Chains
  • Bullet LED Marker and Clearance Lights
  • 2.7" Bottom Trim
  • Superlube Hubs
  • (2) LED Dome Light(s) with Switch
  • Seamless Aluminum Roof
  • 2K Zinc Jack
  • 0.030 Aluminum Exterior
  • 32" Wide Entry Door with Flush Lock
  • 16" On-Center Tube Sidewalls
  • Cast Aluminum Door Holdback
  • 15" Silver Steel Wheel
  • Color Matching Rear Hoop
  • Rear Ramp Door with Spring Assist
  • High Performance Wood Walls
  • Screwless Exterior
  • 12" Wood Flap with Continuous Hinge
  • Aluminum H-Molding on Walls
  • 24" Tall Sloped ATP Stone Guard
  • Sidewall Vents
  • 3/4" High Performance Wood Flooring
  • ATP Nose Cap
  • See our spec sheet standard features for more details
  • *Standards and features vary by plant and location. Please consult with your local dealer.

Available Colors


Standard colors

.030 Black

.030 White

.030 Silver

.030 Charcoal

.030 Pewter

Optional colors

.030 Matte Black

.030 Yellow

.030 Orange


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